Safe & Secure

inShop platform handles enterprise-grade standards when it comes to securing your video calls.


Allow customers to easily join video calls on their mobile devices.

No downloads

inShop equals effortless video calling without any downloads.


Configure video call settings to fit all your meeting types and internal workflows.


Work smarter and get rid of unnecessary tasks that cost time and effort.


Your logo and colors throughout the whole customer journey.

Customer Interaction

Provide customers with the best and easiest video calling experience.

Embeddable & Integrations

Easily embeddable and integrates into every ecosystem.


inShop team helps to implement video calling in your organization.

Web-based video calling

inShop live shopping platform uses the WebRTC technology to embed voice and video features into your website, web applications, portals, or mobile apps without the need for downloads or installations. All communications, using inShop virtual shopping platform are secured with end-to-end encryption.
Web-based video calling
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High-definition video

inShop platform offers an immersive and impeccable live shopping experience that increases conversions and the average order value. This makes the overall virtual shopping experiences more up-close and personal.

Advanced co-browsing

Product selection and recommendation, with advanced co-browsing, screen sharing, and file transfer, empower your sale agents to guide customers through the entire end-to-end virtual shopping experience.
Advanced co-browsing

Deliver a flawless brand experience

Bring the individual touchpoints — both digital and in-store — of the customer journey together seamlessly to reflect the quality of your brand and deliver the promise you make to customers.

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inShop is a virtual shopping platform for Ecommerce and retail stores, helping store owners, managers, senior staff, collaborate over events like promotional needs, retail displays, product launch, low inventory, and product unavailability issues remotely.

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